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If you are living or spending time abroad; Portugal, Spain, France, USA etc; do you:

  • need to submit a UK Tax Return?


  • are you liable to UK Inheritance Tax (IHT)?

If the answer to either or both of these questions is “Yes” then we can help.

Tax Returns

We offer a full UK Tax Return preparation service and will calculate and advise on your tax position.

Inheritance Tax

  • Despite living or spending significant amounts of time abroad you may still be liable to IHT.  We can check the position for you.
  • If you are indeed liable to IHT we can take an overview of your estate, both in the UK and abroad, calculate the potential liability and advise on ways of mitigation.

Please Note:

We are able to advise on certain specific strategies which can substantially reduce the potential liability.


Individuals domiciled in the UK are liable to IHT on chargeable worldwide property.  Non-UK domiciled individuals are also liable to IHT on chargeable UK property only.  However, the fact that you have moved abroad does not necessarily mean that you will have lost your UK domicile status.  Domicile is a complex subject; please contact us for further advice.

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